Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Hi People

today I have sent an email to the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION, I thought I'd include that email to my files, so that maybe just maybe someone somewhere will begin to ask why are they ignoring this brilliant idea from Crazydave.

Heck the First Minsiter is or should be well aware of this idea after all I've sent him enough emails over it and other issues, as well as other members of the government in the Bay. All to no avail so far, but we live in hope.

Have I gone to far in saying that their ignoring of this is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY? I really don't think so, or is it because I am the one promoting the idea????? Equally as bad really, to ignore a person because they are prejudiced up to their eyeballs as to that individual right to even exist.

So here is the email, sent to Peter Davies Commissioner for Wales and sent to a number of the Usual Suspects as well, not all, they will get a copy of this blog.

Hi Peter

since 2004 I have been trying to raise the awareness of the First Mininster at the assembly and other assembly members over certain issues regarding vulnerable adults, by holding protests outside the Assembly and blogging like mad.

One of the issues is the use of micro water wheels for electrical energy production. Given the ammount of rain we are fortunate to have in this country. I have made a few videos of the river Taff just in and around Cardiff and posted them on youtube and myspace forwarding the url's to uncle tom cobbley n all, who have since become known as 'The Usual Suspects' People who in their positions of power ought I think to have at least set up trials to see if such Water Wheels would be a viable proposition.

Given the hoohaa over the efficacy of wind turbines versus cost, our rivers run 24/7 x 365 days of the year, given that these micro water wheels would have adjusters on them for changes in the volume of water at different times of the year you would have a constant renewable supply to draw from.

I wonder given all the other issues that the Assembly has ignored from me, perhaps this one will snowball the others to be given judicious consideration. Perhaps the power companies don't wish to invest in this technology out of fear that they will not make as much money, or that as the originator of the idea they will have to pay me a percentage of the profits. That would be nice given my financial situation, but most of all I would like to see them at least given trials.

I wonder why it is that they have not contacted your department about this idea, as I don't see it on your site today. I have been tempted to create a banner that has the 'Welsh Assembly delay trials on viable alternative energy supply' But like I said previously they and the media have done their best to ignore any banner yet made so that one would no doubt be ignored as well. Which to my mind is a crime against humanity, when you consider what our politians say regarding global warming.

The URL for the blog is I can only hope that you will ask the necessary questions as to why they have not contacted you regarding this particular form of alternative energy source, and that eventually I at least have the kudos for promoting it. I do hope that you have the decency to reply.

All the Best Crazydave aka David Gabriel.

Well that it for now people. I will provide the updates as and when they are applicable. That's if Peter replies, generally these government departments prefer not to but who knows and maybe just maybe they will ask those 'awkward little questions' of the first minister and even of Richard Evans of the BBC because I may as well have headed this. 'BBC help delay alternative renewable source of energy' or the rest of the Media by their keeping stum.

Here is the list of those sent the email:;;; Drive (;;;;; (; jenny randerson (;; jonathan morgan (;;;;;;;;;;; (;;; (;;;

Love n Light from Crazydave